February 5, 2016

Champion Chiropractic Partners With Organics Live!

Feb 5
Champion Chiropractic is thrilled to announce our NEW PARTNERSHIP with ORGANICS LIVE! It is a collaboration that we have been looking forward to and know it will benefit our local community! We are excited to offer our friends and patients 10% OFF with each order. Simply enter the PROMO CODE “champion66” with your order to receive your discount. We promote eating only organic foods and areĀ  happy to be able to make it more affordable for you! Organics Live delivers certified organic, local, and sustainably produced groceries direct to YOUR DOOR! The best part is that their selections are fully customizable!
The produce is guaranteed to be fresher and LESS EXPENSIVE than retail prices! They also provide free delivery every week. Imagine, no more unnecessary trips to the grocery store where half the organic produce looks inedible! You have nothing to lose by trying it out as they have a 100% quality guarantee! Try it out today at www.organicslive.com Healthy Eating!