July 7, 2011

I’m in Miami, B….uddy!

Jul 7
I know a business trip doesn’t really count as a vacation but I’ll take what I can get! I’m very excited to be heading to Miami this afternoon to go treat the Miami Hurricanes as well as a couple Miami Dolphins football players. I love my job but sometimes, I really love my job! I’ve been fortunate in my career to get to work on some great people and such elite athletes always present a gratifying challenge. I am heading there with another chiropractor from Canada and will be doing predominately performance care. This is always challenging as many players are often battling numerous injuries but the end result is so rewarding.  It makes it all worthwhile when you can literally see the improvement in their strength and speed. Anyways, I promise to blog about my experience when I’m back! And if I get to meet Jennifer Lopez  – okay, it probably won’t happen but if it does – I promise not to make a fool out of myself 😉