Dr. Binning works with a variety of sports athletes
at the amateur, national, and professional level.

Dr. Binning has worked as a consultant for the Adidas Grand Prix Track & Field Championships as well as the USA National Track & Field Championships. Dr. Binning works with athletes from the Toronto Maple Leafs, Calgary Flames, Carolina Hurricanes, Nashville Predators, Virginia Cavaliers, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Miami Hurricanes amongst others.

Dr. Binning begins by performing a thorough examination of biomechanics, including soft tissue, joint and nervous system function. This distinctive assessment is then followed up with the implementation of a customized treatment plan, using the combination of therapies best suited to the specific needs of each client.

This holistic approach to assessment and treatment reflects how our bodies work. It allows all elements — soft tissue, joint mechanics and nervous system — to heal and achieve optimal function. The results are:

  • Accurate diagnosis, based on the true “root causes” of injury and dysfunction.
  • Faster recovery from injuries.
  • Restoration of proper soft tissue, joint and nervous system function.
  • Improved performance.