Functional Integrated Therapy for Performance Optimization

Functional integrated therapy is an assessment and treatment system based on a functional understanding of the body, taking into account all structural and functional components as a whole. This approach allows one to address the factors within the sphere of ‘optimal performance’ to prevent injury regression and reoccurrence.

Performance Care vs. Traditional Injury Treatment

Traditional injury treatment is performed in response to an injury. Unfortunately, most athletes are treated in this fashion and because of this spend most of their athletic careers at much less than 100% of their capabilities. This is due to the development of gradual dysfunctions of the nervous system and the musculoskeletal tissues that are secondary to the constant small and big traumas suffered by athletes.

These traumas produce insidious changes in the body that frequently go unrecognized, triggering all sorts of adaptations, leading to less-than-optimal performance and often resulting in injuries in the long run.

Performance care is an integrated practice that includes training as well as nutrition and treatment interventions designed to:

  1. Optimize immediate performance
  2. Reduce the chances of developing cumulative trauma injuries
  3. Increase the potential length of an athlete’s career

Performance care is designed to find and predict all possible areas of limitations of performance for athletes in their specific events. The athlete’s nervous system is assessed for motor inhibition, range of motion in the movement areas necessary for the sport, and any lines of tension that would limit performance during the sport.

Based on a detailed and very specialized biomechanical assessment performed by the performance care practitioner, techniques are combined in a single treatment session according to the needs of the athlete.

In short, Performance Care allows the athlete to improve performance, reduce likelihood of injuries, and accelerate injury recovery by optimizing nervous system activity, soft tissue mechanics, and joint mechanics.